Project Coordination

  • Maintains or updates schedule; Distributes information; Requests replies when RFI is not required; Provides site layout or coordination and instruction for installations;
  • Verifies deliveries are compliant with submittal, specification, or shop drawings; Inventories materials; Directs logistics for deliveries and schedules of equipment;
  • Researches procurement of items unsecured at bid date; Engineers safety systems and monitors safety limitations of equipment operations;
  • Maintains drawing catalog and shop drawing files; Performs material take-offs and estimating;
  • Provides equipment and labor performance rates and assists with estimating; Monitors site for safety hazards and implementation of site safety plans.

Owner’s Representative

  • Coordinate the activities of the architects, engineers, utility providers and other design and construction professionals and other consultants during construction.
  • Develop and maintain good working relationships with utility companies, local and state government agencies including permit and inspection divisions; maintain familiarity with local codes and ensure all regulations are met.
  • Oversee, monitor and inspect construction to ensure quality construction and compliance with plans and specifications; be thoroughly familiar with construction documents.
  • Review all draw requests to ensure appropriateness for work completed.
  • Oversee and keep construction costs on budget. Review budget and all change orders with Development Managers and work to minimize the related costs and keep developments on budget.
  • Oversee construction schedule; work with Development Managers to keep contractor in compliance with schedule to assure timely start dates, completion dates, settlement and/or lease-up, and move-in of residents to their homes.
  • Maintain excellent working relationships with lenders’ inspectors, homeowners/tenants, contractors, architects, engineers and other third-party consultants.

Cost Engineering

  • Monitor, analyze, and forecast all cost elements on the project, including changes
  • Input or update budget information, expenditure information, and forecasts into the cost reporting system(s)
  • Earned value analysis based on input from project leads. On smaller projects recommending corrective actions when necessary.
  • Develop and process of changes in the change management system. This may also include interface with the client
  • Prepare and analyze revenue and cost for home office professional services. On smaller projects this would also include recommended corrective actions to the project manager.
  • Prepare spreadsheets and a wide variety of routine cost analysis, cash flow, and other cost related evaluations.
  • Print and distribute technical and administrative reports, assembly of monthly report packages

Records Management

  • Ensure consistent use of standardized processes and technologies across programs.
  • Serve as a point of contact for internal and external audits of Central File related processes and activities.
  • Review document quality data and audit outputs to identify trends across the programs to ensure quality documentation.
  • Actively identify continuous improvement opportunities to enhance operational efficiencies through process and metrics analysis.
  • Review metrics to monitor performance against targets to ensure program deliverables are being met and productivity is aligned with expectations.

Earned Value Management

  • Describe EVM policies and methodologies for performance measurement of programs
  • Explain cost estimating processes, methods, techniques, analytical principles, data, confidence bands, specialized costing, application of OMB A-94, Guidelines and Discount Rates for Benefit-Cost Analysis of Federal Programs, and management applications
  • Allocate funds within appropriation categories and use of funds from each appropriation correctly
  • Explain the need for an integrated baseline review process
  • Demonstrate the use of information systems for financial management reporting
  • Identify management techniques

Integrated Project Planning / Development

  • Project plan development
  • Inputs Tools and techniques
  • Outputs Other planning inputs
  • Project planning methodology
  • Project plan
  • Historical information
  • Stakeholder skills and knowledge
  • Supporting details
  • Organizational policies
  • Project management information system
  • Constraints Earned value management
  • Assumptions


  • Contribute primarily to Commissioning and occasionally to retro-commissioning, , energy efficiency retrofit, and demand response projects.
  • Help customers achieve required Commissioning tasks required to secure a LEED rating.
  • Monitor HVAC systems with building automation systems and stand-alone data loggers to troubleshoot operational problems or to find inefficient control sequences.
  • Perform hands-on testing of HVAC, lighting, and control systems in new and existing buildings
  • Write commissioning plans and field reports for new construction projects
  • Write assessment, detailed evaluation, and measurement and verification reports and retro-commissioning plans for existing facilities
  • Write sequences of operations Perform measurement and verification of installed projects.