A construction schedule can be a pretty picture that gives the owner what they want to see, or it can be a management tool for your project. We can quickly evaluate the quality of your schedule so you’ll have confidence your project will finish on-time.

Owners Assistance
   Tips for Owners

We assist or provide:

  • Pre-Bid Phase
    • Cost loaded construction schedules for bank bonding
    • Construction schedule contractual terms
  • Bid Review Process
    • Evaluate contractors bid schedule/feasibility
  • Post Award / Pre-Construction
    • Review, analyze, critique baseline schedule
    • Review baseline schedule date integrity
    • Review baseline logic, sequence
    • Risk Analysis—Finish Date Probability Analysis
    • Review contractual dates and milestones
    • Finalize reporting and updating formats
    • Create evaluation and update reports
  • Construction
    • Analyze contractor’s periodic updates
    • Walk downs—verify % complete and progress
    • Impact and change analysis
    • Schedule Cost Loading and projections
    • Owner rep. at schedule review meeting
  • Require a periodic electronic copy of the schedule and have it evaluated for:
    • Logic between activities
    • Data Integrity/Schedule Mechanics
    • Finish Date Analysis
  • Require weekly updates with 3 schedule layouts/views including some of the following: If your project is critical, maintain your own schedule and compare to the contractors.
    • Complete Schedule with Early Start, Early Finish, Float, and Finish Date with Bar Chart.
    • 4 week Look Ahead by Responsibility
    • Schedule Variance from Target and Baseline Schedules
    • Schedule Summary Report written as a Word document not a schedule view.
    • Progress Curves