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Scheduling and Information Services Announces Partnership with Trestles

Scheduling and Information Services, Inc. (SIS), dedicated to enhancing project performance by improving communications and providing data in a transparent and collaborative platform, is proud to formalize its longstanding relationship with Trestles Construction Solutions, LLC (Trestles) and its principals.

SIS delivers integrated project planning, CPM scheduling, risk analysis and project controls for design, construction and maintenance clients, providing support for Owners, Contractors and Subcontractors.

Trestles offers labor management software (TLMS®), frontline training and consulting services designed to facilitate a step change in construction safety, quality, productivity, and schedule reliability performance. TLMS enables project teams to quickly develop a short-interval schedule, remove constraints, identify and mitigate safety hazards, report time and progress, and more. Over 600 construction supervisors have attended Trestles Frontline Supervisor Training that provides new “tools in the toolbox” to develop the technical and leadership skills required for these essential people. Adding estimating, scheduling and process improvement consulting services, Trestles truly offers a unique value proposition.

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As strategic partners, Trestles and SIS will optimize our synergistic and complimentary construction technology, project controls and construction management expertise to better serve our respective clients and the construction industry as a whole.

“We are thrilled to consummate the relationship with SIS. Using proven industry best practices, SIS has the processes, tools, experience and talent to develop and execute a comprehensive project controls plan for any size or type of construction project” stated Mark McKenzie, CEO of Trestles.

“SIS is very excited to see a tool that the field teams can use to convert the somewhat abstract activities in a project schedule into detailed work packages. These work packages provide the frontline workers a quantified and measurable method for managing the work. From a planning and scheduling perspective, it really adds to our ability to track progress and forecast performance.” said Tony Bolstad, CFO | Project Controls Manager.