Fabrication and Processing Facilities

Project Frostbite, Gresham, OR2020-08-04T22:40:26+00:00
Westrock, Longview, WA2020-08-04T22:40:26+00:00
Steel Palmer – EVRAZ Rocky Mtn Steel, Pueblo, CO2020-08-04T22:40:25+00:00
6501 Boeing 85-105 PS Refurbishment , Gresham, OR2020-08-04T22:40:25+00:00
Boeing 777X Fabrication Facility, Everette, WA2020-08-04T22:40:25+00:00
Intel CH-8 Fabrication Facility, Chandler, AZ2020-08-04T23:48:49+00:00
Intel D1X Expansion, Portland, OR2020-08-04T23:49:55+00:00
Intel D1X Expansion, Portland, OR2020-08-04T23:50:03+00:00
Intel Fabrication Facility, Portland, OR2020-08-04T23:50:24+00:00
Intel Tool Install @ Fabrication Facility, Portland, OR2020-08-04T23:49:09+00:00
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